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Self Contained

Security Systems

The Remote Off-Grid CCTV (ROCCTV) HD security system is designed to provide LIVE HD Camera Viewing in addition to motion detected Internet Video Storage (IVR) while remaining completely “Off The Grid”. By integrating low voltage matched components into a self contained battery powered - solar charged unit, the ROCCTV HD security systems does not require an external power source.

Live View

The ROCCTV HD Security Systems provide a "LIVE VIEW" of remote locations with a smart device or computer with Internet access.

Internet Video Recorder

The ROCCTV HD Security Systems include cloud storage of the last 1,000 media files or about 3+ days history. (upgraded storage packages are available)

Email Motion Alerts

When motion is detected by the NetCamPro camera, an email with a click-able link to view images or videos related to the event is sent to the user.


Remote OFF-grid
Closed Circuit TV

Wireless Service

Internet Access

Wireless Bridge or Cellular Service

ROCCTV HD Systems require a compatible 12v Wireless Bridge or a Cellular Hotspot for Live Camera Views and NetCamPro Cloud services.

EZ-Bridge - Point to Point Wireless Bridge

If you're office or home is within 8-miles of the remote location and has a good line of sight, we have several optional EZ-Bridge - Point to Point Wireless Bridge Systems avaiable. A Point to Point Bridge allows customers to beam a local High Speed Internet connection VIA radio wave (2.4GHz or 5GHz) to the ROCCTV HD System providing the system with a wireless Internet connection.


Cellular Portable Hotspots

Most major cellular carriers offer portable Wireless hotspots that can be used in the ROCCTV HD System to provide a broadband connection to the Internet. Please check with your cellular provider for more details about current data packages, rates and data transfer speeds.